Squirro Development Status Update

March 21, 2012

It’s been quite silent around the Squirro development so far. That’s only because we are working hard every day to create the most exciting thing in the history of information gathering, research and information curation. A few people already had the chance to get a preview of Squirro and what it’ll be able to do – and all of them were excited and can’t wait for it to go live! So where do we currently stand?

Squirro for Salesforce
This has been the first integration of Squirro we were working on and it’s coming towards the finish line! Beta testing starts these days – we’re really excited to see what people have to say about it!

Squirro for SAP
This is the second integration – and we’re in the middle of development. What we’ve got so far looks quite promising! In this matter we’re working together with our partner Itelligence and we’re given the chance to preview Squirro for SAP at the CEBIT a week ago! How exciting!

Squirro.com – Standalone version
The two above are integration into other systems – because it just makes sense. But of course we’re also working on a standalone app for Squirro, enabling every single web user to experience the next generation of information gathering! A few sneak-peaks of the mobile version have already been given in our recent post regarding “Mobile First” development methodology. Now, we’re working on some first iterations of the desktop edition, and Dorian & I were able to test it on our brand new iPads the first time! It really makes you want to see more.
Beta testing will start soon, and if you want to be among the first ones to get a glimpse on Squirro, make sure you sign up for beta today! The list is already very long and we’ll start at the very top with giving access to beta! But it’s not too late to enter the beta, by sharing and encouraging your friends to also sign up, you’ll move up the list!

There are thrilling times ahead of us! Join the beta list and experience new ways of information discovery!