Profiler meets lead generation

April 16, 2012

Winning clients is often a complex process. It all starts with lead generation and qualification. This is – from own experience – often a cumbersome process.

Instead of talking to the right contact person quite often the lead database produces unqualified connections, people simply not interested and other useless contacts.

Our partner MatchCode focuses on exactly this: With their Precision Profiling Method they are able to identify the correct contact person faster.

Once identified Squirro offers a digital research assistant to further enhance the profile information of your contact. Your sales team will know to whom they talk and about what they need to talk.

We invite you to join us this coming Wednesday April 18, 2012 to our event “Successful Lead Generation”. You’ll learn how the combination of MatchCode and Squirro will provide true value for your future lead generation campaigns.

Our special guest at the event is the renowned profiler Dr. Thomas Müller. He is one of Europe’s leading crime psychologists and won his fame with his work as profiler in some of Europe’s most remarkable serial murder investigations. He will talk about human behavior and how it can be decoded.