Welcome to the Team, Lex!

June 19, 2012

Lex brings a lot of fresh air to our office – in the very literal sense. He is an early riser – kids will do that to you – and always opens our windows before starting work.

When looking at his application, I immediately noticed that he had worked at a startup before. He spent a few years at Aster Data Systems in California as a member of the core engineering team. So he knew what to expect from a fast moving startup environment.

The story goes that by coincidence Lex’ job interview was on the same day as we had our web site photo shoot. Preempting any formal hiring decision we already took his picture that day. And now he is part of our engineering team. Moreover, he contributes ideas and feedback in product planning and provides input for business development.

Currently his main focus at Squirro lies on our secret sauce that automatically finds relevant news for a company or topic of interest. He is an example to the whole team as he is the only one to accommodate good coding, family life and even regular exercise all in one.

Thank you Lex for being part of our team and welcome!