Open position: Inside Sales Manager – International Business Development Director @ Squirro

June 20, 2012

That’s you

You simply love to communicate and sell. You excel in connecting with prospects and sales leads and engage them in a meaningful conversation that leaves a lasting positive impression whether they turn into clients or not. You are excellent on the phone but also in employing social media and marketing automation tools to get your story out. Your ease at creating relationships helps you to cast a wide network throughout our target industries (Pharma / Life Science, High Tech, Finance). Your strong track record proves your knack at sales.

We want you

For our growing team we seek to engage, you, a top notch inside sales and business development manager. You will be responsible for the inside sales effort of Squirro on an international scale. Your key experiences and capabilities are:

  • Strong track record in inside sales and business development roles.
  • Several years of professional experience in enterprise software (marketing & sales), ideally in any of the above mentioned target industries a good network in the market
  • A strong analytical capacity and understanding of our activity; a high level of creativity; a great communicator and team worker; strong project management skills

Your key tasks include:

  • You shine when selling Squirro: You are able to propel the sales efforts of Squirro to the next level.
  • Together with the CEO you formulate an adequate inside sales strategy and excel in executing the derived tasks.
  • You are able to establish yourself as a trusted source of advice helping them to craft an optimal strategy of employing Squirro in their specific settings.

All in all: An exciting job.

That’s the product

Squirro is the personal digital research app. Broader than feeds and more specific than search, Squirro filters out the noise to give you the content that matters most. Squirro scans multiple sources from Internet channels and social media, private databases and even company internal to find the most relevant information on your topic of interest, then updates it continuously and automatically. The result is a living collection of curated content you can save, synthesize and share.

That’s us

Squirro is developed by passionate internet geeks and entrepreneurs with high ambitions: To simplify the everyday need to find, remember, organize and share important information. We created Squirro following Memonic, the award-winning, online note-taking app and the Swiss search engine

The deal

Become part of a sound, fervent, and vibrant team. Take over the inside sales responsibility of Squirro on an international scale and help market a sexy and award winning Internet application. In return you’ll be working in a startup setting and will receive a share of the future success of the platform you help building. This being possibly one of the stronger founding teams around town, this is your chance for a lift to the next level.


Dorian Selz, Co-Founder & CEO
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