Importing Data from 3rd Party Systems

December 18, 2012

The current focus of the Squirro platform lies on a sales intelligence tool. Client research efforts are automated such that individual sales representatives are equipped with up-to-date information for calls and meetings. This results in a reduced sales cycle time and an improved win rate. Out of the box Squirro is integrated into a number of customer relationship management solutions such as Salesforce (depicted below) and SAP Business by Design to deliver contextual event streams.


In a Salesforce environment Squirro will automatically use your Account, Lead or Contact data to find relevant content. However, this only works because part of the Squirro platform is deeply embedded with the Salesforce platform.

Some of our clients simply are unable to do such a deep integration. The reason for this situation are manifold: Some customers are heads down implementing other Salesforce related efforts and have no man power left to integrate Squirro at this point. Others are bound to a customer relationship management system that is developed and deployed in-house. A third category of our clients simply do not need a complete customer relationship management solution such as Salesforce. A simple tool like Excel is able to perfectly fulfill their needs.


The question which arises immediately is how do companies in such environments leverage the full potential of the Squirro platform. The answer to this question is simple: Export your customer data out of any source system and import it back into the Squirro application. Our file importer currently supports the popular Excel and CSV file formats.

A detailed example use case can be found in our Squirro User Guide. The corresponding section illustrates how to export account data from Salesforce and import it back into the Squirro application. The same procedure can be used to export data from any source system.