The force is strong with Squirro

February 7, 2013

by Cesare Allavena


My first experience with Squirro was as a user.

In my previous job at a SEO company, one of my responsibilities was to identify potential leads and upselling opportunities amongst the very large client database we had.

We had recently installed Salseforce for all sales and marketing employees and while this allowed us to make a huge jump in terms of efficiency, it was still difficult for us to get actionable sales intelligence about our customers and therefore create opportunities instead of passively wait for them. 

I therefore started looking for different Salesforce applications that could deliver additional information about our clients.

I signed up for Squirro’s free demo and started using it right away.

One of the first things I noticed was how easy it was to implement for someone with no technical background.

Most importantly I quickly witnessed the potential of the tool.

One of my clients, based in New Zealand, was a company that organized student language trips between New Zealand and different Spanish speaking destinations.  Because of where the client was based and because of the time difference, it was not always easy for me to communicate with him and get the most updated information about his development. Also, my main focus was on growing the business it was not always easy to dedicate long hours to researching every single opportunity about every single client.

This is where Squirro proved to be invaluable.

One morning as I logged into my mail server and started reading the Squirro daily digest, there was a piece of news about this particular client, a news that I would probably have never caught by myself. It was sourced from a travel blog in New Zealand, not necessarily the type of blog I read every day, and it basically said that my client was opening a new travel destination to South America.

This was exactly the type of actionable news I needed, it offered me a clear opportunity to sell additional SEO services to promote this new destination based on appropriate key phrases.

Additionally this showed the client that we cared about his business and that it was important for us to understand how his business was evolving.

The product impressed me so much that I decided to try and join Squirro, now a few months later I left sunny Madrid for snowy Zürich with the clear aim to make other businesses benefit from what Squirro can deliver in terms of actionable sales intelligence.