Sales Intelligence to Go

February 8, 2013

by Alexander Sennhauser

Appconomy – El Dorado or hype? The keynote speaker at this year’s Swiss App Awards illustrated the forces behind the app business, which has grown over night into a billion dollar industry. However, only one in four mobile application is solving a pressing business need.

During the keynote, the take-away for small and large enterprises became obvious: mobile apps and applications work better together. There is a vast potential companies can tap into if they combine their current internal applications with the benefits that mobile applications provide. It can often be seen that mobile applications drive the usage of large application installations such as enterprise resource planning or customer relationship management systems.


Meet Squirro, your personal digital research assistant. Out of the box Squirro is integrated into a number of customer relationship management solutions such as Salesforce (depicted below) and SAP Business by Design to deliver contextual event streams. Client research efforts are automated so that individual sales representatives are equipped with the most up-to-date information for calls and meetings. This results in a reduced sales cycle time and an improved win rate (by up to 15%). In addition, Squirro will drive the usage of whatever customer relationship management your company is using. Because the more context an individual sales representative provides to the system, the better the contextual information stream he can use to meet his sales target and accelerate your company’s sales effort.


Since Squirro runs on any device your sales representatives have, all the client information they need is at their fingertips. Be it on a desktop computer, on a tablet device at home, or on a mobile phone while traveling. That is sales intelligence to go. In the end it is like fast food: There are great options out there if you need something to go.

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