Watching the agricultural Market in England with Squirro

February 21, 2013

By Ghayass Rabi Tarraf

Squirro is more than a sales intelligence tool. Squirro is content intelligence. It let’s you “watch” topics based on your interests and evolves with you as your change your focus from a topic to another.

Let’s suppose you want to watch the market for relevant information about crop protection and seeds. Squirro only needs simple key words to start retrieving information for you. When integrated within a CRM,  Squirro uses the prospects’ or customers’ data to start searching and qualifying but our case a little different as we want to monitor a topic and not  a prospects or competitor.

With Squirro you start creating a topic by asking it to discover information about it.

In our case we input the terms “crop protection” and “seed market”, after 5 seconds (not a second more!) these are the results:


You then give your topic a name (I called it “UK Agro”) and save it. add some other qualified sources.

To add specific source of interest to you, you select this topic from the library and click on “Sources”. In our case, for the UK market, you could add specialized sources like the DEFRA or the BSC by entering their URL in the sources list.

In our example Squirro delivers 30 highly relevant pieces of news from the open web and our specialized sources, if you were to do the same in a search engine you would get 100 million results for both key terms.

With Squirro you avoid information overload and get to the essential and the more you interact with the news delivered, by simply clicking on them or deleting them, the more Squirro will provide you extremely targeted intelligence

Enjoy discovering the UK agro market.

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