Mari Anne Vanella, CEO of The Vanella Group, on why she uses Squirro

February 28, 2013

Mari Anne Vanella, CEO of The Vanella Group, explains in which context she uses Squirro for Salesforce.

The Vanella Group is a leading provider of telesales-based lead generation services for technology companies.

It is extremely important for Mari Anne and for her team to be kept updated on the latest news about her customers and leads.
This is exactly what Squirro does for her, by delivering relevant information on her prospects directly in Salesforce.

Squirro also offers the possibility to Mari Anne to quickly share all the information retrieved through Chatter, this way she can notify her reps and make sure they get the right information wherever they are.

As Mari Anne puts it herself: “Squirro gives you a reason to call your prospects.”


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