Squirro, My #1 Typefaces Provider

April 15, 2013

by Maximilien George

As a designer I am very interested in typography and typefaces, but the time I can dedicate to research and stay on top of typographic news is limited.

There are famous information sites like I Love Typography, Typographica and Smashing Magazine delivering fresh news, great feature articles and follow-ups as well as comprehensive fonts reviews. These websites basically allow to discover typefaces and foundries by chance if ever you are following their feeds or social presence. As far as I am concerned, “by chance” is definitely not an option in terms of efficiency and time consumption.

Through these sites I might have discovered the House Industries foundry through the review of one of their releases, which is great, but what were my options to stay on top of their activities? Get the new released font and bookmark the type foundry site? Add one more foundry in my records – one more rss feed, one more Twitter account to follow.

Considering that I have listed over the years dozens of type foundries that produce really and only high-quality fonts, having to follow updates from all of them involves getting huge amount of information and news delivered to me… not to mention that:

  • This information may be ‘re-feeded’  and re-tweeted by generic typography-related websites and therefore appear duplicated in my information stream.
  • I am not interested in Finnish adventure cycling design educators.

Now Squirro solves all this for me by allowing to partition effortlessly the typography-related information daily delivered to me.

Playing with Source and Topics lets one create several specialised information streams about what I would have called a subject when I was still struggling against information overload… these were the dark times of the pre-Squirro era.

Filters let me take control over the huge amount information from my seeders, so that only a specific kind of thematic information is displayed in a certain Topic; as an example, I don’t want news about releases and discounts made by foundries when I am looking for some inspirational content.

Trigger alerts are sent to my inbox whenever a foundry releases a new typeface!

This is the best part about it: I have now the ability to stay tuned to my favourite type foundries just the way a marketer would follow his leads and accounts using Squirro embedded in his favourite CRM.

This points out that whoever you are, whatever you do – Business Intelligence for a huge international corporation or silk-screen printing business – Squirro will be your trustful and personal digital assistant, as it is for me, amongst other things, my centralized interface for every typography-related information that is relevant to me here and now.