Context intelligence for your business – the Webcasts

April 23, 2013

On April 25th, 29th and 30th our CEO Dorian Selz and our Head of Sales UK Laurent Zambelli will host a webcast on Squirro and context intelligence.

Context intelligence delivers the whole story behind your data.

Already working with a business intelligence suite like QlikView?  Seamlessly integrated in it Squirro will:

  • Bring context to data
  • Get visibility on past, current and future significant events that highly impact your business
  • Dramatically reduce research time

If you use a CRM, Squirro will supply you with real-time news to support your sales effort by:

  • Giving visibility on your prospects and clients key business objectives
  • Improving your business development calls conversion rates
  • Reducing sales cycles
  • Supporting your solution selling methodology

To register please click on the following link:

Squirro – Your Data in Context