Squirro for QlikView – Better, more effective decision-making

April 29, 2013

The disruptive integrated combination of Squirro in QlikView delivers real-time, accurate, context intelligence to any point of insight you uncover while doing business discovery in QlikView.

To showcase how Squirro delivers relevant context to any data point you discover while working with QlikView, watch the video below.

This example of financial stock analysis shows how by simply selecting a variation in a stock analysis graph at a specific time, Squirro delivers directly into the application the relevant intelligence you need for that period to understand why this fluctuation occurred. 

Of course Squirro can deliver relevant context across all industries not just financial stock analysis.

If you want to know about about Squirro for QlikView you can register for today or tomorrow’s webcasts, which will be presented by our CEO, Dorian Selz and our Sales Director UK, Laurent Zambelli.

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