Squirro webcasts

May 2, 2013

Last week we held a series of webcasts to present Squirro for CRM and Squirro for Business Intelligence (BI) in a demo format.

Squirro for CRM was presented through a Salesforce integration use case.  Squirro seamlessly integrates in Salesforce to deliver real-time context intelligence for your leads, contacts and accounts.  It dramatically reduces the time spent on research, thus freeing up time to focus on value-adding activities.  The end result is a 15% increase in win rates and up to 15% increase in revenues.

Squirro for for Business Intelligence was presented through a couple of QlikView integrations for Financial Stock Analysis.

Squirro delivers unstructured data simply and in real time to the user in context of their own personal interests and priorities
 learning and refining that precision as user interactions increase.

Squirro goes beyond that powerful first level, by combining the structured and the unstructured worlds together in harmony. Each insight uncovered in QlikView’s Business Discovery experience is used by Squirro to provide the ’why’ behind the data.

Ultimately this reduces searching time by 75%, significantly reducing cost and allows for better, more effective decision making where unique context and speed to action delivers better business all round.

You can watch the full webcast here under: 

We would like to thank all participants.

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