Granger Smith Consulting has become the lastest Squirro Partner

May 7, 2013

Granger Smith Consulting has joined forces with Squirro, a leading context intelligence product and search technology that enables users to get results based on exact interests, without the need to search for them at all. The partnership will see Granger Smith Consulting working with Squirro and QlikTech to provide a natural extension to the data discovery paradigm that has been so successfully created.

One of the most time consuming roles for an information worker is to search the for the information you need, whether that’s struggling with information overload or simply not finding the answer you are looking for. QlikView, the Business Discovery Platform helps identifying patterns in data.  However data needs context in order to be really useful; it is context that turns disparate data points into a story. By scanning the open internet, news sites, blogs, social media and feeds and combining this with company internal sources, Squirro filters away the noise and contextualises that data into what you need to hear, directly within QlikView.

Speaking about the new partnership Simon Smith, CEO at Granger Smith Consulting said: “Being able to identify patterns in big data collection is all part of the Business Intelligence system, what a business will find is that the data itself is unable to explain why a change or a dip has occurred. What you need behind the data to truly understand its context and this is what Squirro provides.

“This partnership is great news for our existing clients already using QlikView, as we can now offer that much needed context behind their data. For example, if you notice an unusual variation in a chart, Squirro provides the necessary context to understand it.”

Dr. Dorian Selz, Co-Founder, CEO at Squirro added: “We are delighted to welcome Granger Smith Consulting as one of our partners. Its commitment to its customers to not only gathering their data but helping them contextualise it is one of the main reasons we are now working together.” 


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