Squirro – Your Data in Context

September 12, 2013

Squirro is the leader in Context Intelligence, combining structured and unstructured data to provide the ‘Why’ behind the data. It’s context, which turns data points into a story.

Squirro delivers a personalized, real-time contextual stream directly to your workplace and enables you to curate a self-learning 360° context radar natural to use in any enterprise system. It’s based on Squirro’s digital fingerprint technology connecting personal interests and workflows while learning and refining as user interactions increase.

Achieving this reduces searching time by 90%, significantly reducing cost and allows for better, more effective decision-making.

Key Points about Squirro

  • Delivering relevant information to you
    Squirro is more specific than search: Simply click and combine existing and new data dimensions based on textual analysis to discovers new insights.
  • Natural to use – Integrated in your environment
    Squirro seamlessly integrates into your existing environment.
  • Spotify your content – Deliver context and knowledge
    Squirro creates a living collection that users can work with, analyse and visualize.
  • An open platform integrates with your existing systems
    Squirro is built as an open platform, easily deployable into your existing setup.

Customer Use Cases

Market Watch

The Market Intelligence App enables anyone to get in real-time an immediate overview of what is happening in a market or at a particular company. The app may be extended to include industry-leading sources such as Bloomberg, D&B, Reuters, etc. aggregated by topic of interest.


View the Market Watch video here.

HR Watch

Your hiring process is complex and you have a hard time identifying the first-in-class candidates?

The Squirro HR watch application enables users match and map CV’s and employee profiles with open positions with simply a few clicks. .

View the HR Watch video here.

Service Watch

The Service Help Desk App connects to internal data sources such as ticketing, help desk, service systems to detect patterns in unstructured textual data. These uncovered new data dimensions are made available to 3rd party systems such as Qlikview for further analysis.

View the Service Watch video here.

Finance Watch

Connecting news sources with a financial dashboard allows for a click and point discovery of relevant news and background information on any stock. This app is particularly interesting if sources such as Bloomberg Chats, Reuters feeds, Stocktwits, etc. are connected.

View the Finance Watch video here.

Benefits of Squirro

Squirro’s benefits are[1]:

  • Up to 90% year-over-year reduction in time analysts and managers spend searching.
  • An average 15% year-over-year improvement of the information cycle time, as compared to a 7% decrease among companies not using any context intelligence tool.
  • In the case of applying context intelligence to sales processes improvements of key KPI’s like win rates by up to 14.6%, while shortening the sales cycle times by up to 8.7%

Current implementations consistently show positive returns in less than four months. An existing analysis and decision making capacity is significantly boosted by unlocking the exploration of unstructured data dimensions.


[1]      Destination CRM 2012, Economist 2011, Wright et al., 2006, Cowley et al., 2005., Gartner 2012, Aberdeen Group 2012, CSO Insights 2013, own analysis