London – Week 3

January 29, 2014

Monday morning 0710 LX 316 to Heathrow: Mostly business people and some leisure travelers with red eyes from overnight flights (An asininity of the air transportation market: Flying overseas to Heathrow, one of the world’s best connected airports with a stopover).

Roughly three hours later I am in our Canary Wharf office in Level39, which actually is on Level 42. A few internal meetings and then off to a meeting with a bank. The bank is just expensively revamping their offices, kind of Googlesque feel. All bright colours, to compulsory tabletop football, a Starbucks like pantry area.

And unGooglesque hot desking. On a big screen in the entry hall you tap in your name and then choose an available desk. That would make for a fun data analysis: Who is opting to sit next to whom; given the uneven gender balance when visiting, is grouping around a catalyst an occurring pattern; what’s the mean distance of you to your also hot desking boss; what window seats are preferred (for what reasons), and a few more…