Squirro partners up with Unstructured Insights to strengthen presence in the North America.

March 31, 2014

ZÜRICH, March 19, 2014 – Squirro, the leader in Context Intelligence, and Unstructured Insights, experts in consulting, product implementation and support services around Data Management have signed an Elite Master Reseller agreement to deliver Context Intelligence solutions to the North American market.

Context Intelligence is the ability to combine structured and unstructured data to generate actionable insights and for better-informed decision-making.

Today companies base 95% of their decisions on only 20% of their available data; the remaining 80% is left untouched. Squirro’s Context Intelligence solution extracts huge and key value from the 80% of unstructured information, combining it with structured data in order to radically improve decision-making, drastically reduce costs and help achieve major increases in effectiveness across the enterprise.

Squirro is the first Swiss company selected for FinTech Innovation Lab London. The Lab, which was launched by Accenture in 2012, is a collaboration between Accenture and leading financial institutions such as Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Morgan Stanley. Furthermore, Squirro’s client portfolio includes amongst others worldwide companies like ABB, the international engineering consortium, Swisscom, Experteer, The Vanella Group.

Unstructured Insights LLC is uniquely positioned to help companies address the most important and most difficult aspect of their Big Data issues. They provide the ability to understand the concepts and meanings for the massive amount of data that companies both collect, and try to utilize from the web. To accomplish this, Unstructured Insights has expanded its product offering by signing an agreement with the most impactful Context Intelligence engine in the market today, Squirro. “This relationship will further expand Unstructured Insights offerings to its clients, and allow us to truly help each client maximize the value of their data” noted Martin Bell, Co-Founder of Unstructured Insights.

The partnership between Squirro and Unstructured Insights will address clients’ growing necessity of combining, analysing and interpreting structured and unstructured information in a unique and compelling way.

Dr. Dorian Selz, Co-Founder, CEO at Squirro added: “Partnering with Unstructured Insights LLC is a great opportunity to develop the service offering around Context Intelligence in North America. This partnership will allow both companies to expand beyond their existing reach and further increase customer satisfaction.”

About Unstructured Insights


Unstructured Insights is a global provider of data management and context intelligence solutions, consulting and related services to companies of all sizes. Let us show you Data’s Next Frontier.

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About Squirro


Squirro is the leader in Context Intelligence, combining structured and unstructured data to provide the ‘Why’ behind the data. The result is a relevant, real-time contextual stream procuring an embedded 360° context radar delivering better and more effective decision-making. What Business Intelligence systems did for numbers, Squirro does for content: make unstructured data usable.

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