Fact: 82% of Financial Institutions surveyed do not combine data!

June 3, 2014

75% of companies who took part in our financial Institute Survey said combining structured and unstructured date would be of value but only 18% of those surveyed are currently doing this.

With estimates pointing to an overwhelming split between structured and unstructured data in an enterprise to be roughly 20%/80% companies need to adapt quickly to gain advantage in the market.

The goal of our survey was to establish how leading global financial institutions deal with unstructured data today and intend to analyse this type of data in the near future.

Although, combining data silos is a must for financial institutions, nearly none of those surveyed are currently combining structured and unstructured data despite 75% saying this would provide value.

Nearly half of the financial institutions surveyed say they are planning activities to unearth the gold in date in the next 24 months. Find out what the focus of these activities will be, what challenges organisations face and what is the ultimate impact of unstructured date analytics for financial institutions, read the full report here.