Leveraging ETL systems and your investment with Squirro

July 15, 2014

ETL systems are commonly used to integrate data from multiple applications, typically developed and supported by different vendors or hosted on separate computer hardware.

If you already have an investment in an ETL framework, it is understandable that bringing in a whole new system is not viable. But what about adding to your investment and being able to use previously untouched data? Squirro allows you to do just that.

By combining your ETL system with Squirro you can leverage your investment and analyse the 80% of unstructured data that you have not been able to utilize to date.

The main benefit of integrating Squirro with you ETL stack is the ability to connect many data sources and analyze them all. Those customized databases and intricate documents can now be searched and analzed with ease.


The analysis of unstructured data is one of the most important core technologies in today’s knowledge industry. The ever-growing amount of digital data available poses a real challenge to current solutions as their results risk lacking in relevance, timeliness, and adaptability and their usage can be extremely time consuming.

Squirro’s Smart Filter Technology offers the next evolutionary step in unstructured data technologies. Broader than feeds and more specific than search, Squirro can scan multiple sources to find the most relevant information and update it continuously and automatically.

Squirro can also display your data in many formats. From line charts to relationship graphs, Squirro can break down your data and show you the why not just the what.

To find out more information about how you can integrate Squirro with your existing ETL framework get in touch today.

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