Analytics8 announces the Contextual Intelligence Challenge

August 14, 2014

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 7 August, 2014: Analytics8 today launched the Contextual Intelligence Challenge, a unique competition for business intelligence professionals to submit their innovative use cases for leveraging the Squirro unstructured data analytics platform to their organisational advantage.

The most innovative use case with the potential to return real organisational benefit will win a Squirro unstructured data analytics solution valued at up to $100,000.

Analytics8 and Sovereign Merchant announced the challenge on 7 August 2014 at the “Technology & Innovation – the Future of Customer Experience and Business Intelligence Forum” in Sydney where they presented real and current use cases from multiple clients in various industries.

Today, companies base 95% of their decisions on only 20% of the data available to them; the remaining 80% is untouched. The Squirro Context Intelligence solution extracts huge value from the 80% of unstructured information, and can combine it with structured data analysis in order to radically improve decision-making, drastically reduce costs and help organisations achieve major increases in effectiveness.

The Contextual Intelligence Challenge aims to encourage business intelligence professionals to truly investigate the potential value locked away in unstructured data repositories, both internal (e.g. CRM, email, documents, etc.) and external (Forums, Newsfeeds, Chatter, Blogs, Social Media, etc.).

Regardless of the entrant’s role or industry, the Squirro unstructured data analytics platform will provide the opportunity for high speed to value context intelligence. Participants can choose the data they want to combine in real-time to achieve unparalleled insights into their customers, business, and markets. Whether for Financial Services, Automotive, Industrial, Life Science, Healthcare, Technology, Government or Non-Profits, Squirro will equip anyone with the ability to analyse unstructured data and improve their decision-making.

Over the next month, this challenge invites the Australian business intelligence community to truly accelerate their investigation of the potential lying dormant in unstructured data, turning it into true competitive advantage.

By donating their expertise valued at up to $100,000 to one winning entrant, Analytics8, Sovereign Merchant and Squirro are playing their part in fuelling an ecosystem of BI, analytics and data science professionals building Squirro powered business solutions. In addition, all other entrants will receive the right to discounted Proof of Concept investigations.

For more information, and to submit your use case, visit the Contextual Intelligence Challenge at

About Analytics8

Analytics8 is an objective, independent, best-of-breed Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing consultancy, that helps lead organisations to sustained and measurable success by leveraging our experience, expertise and partnering approach.

About Sovereign Merchant

Sovereign Merchant is a Go-to-market Consultancy and distributor for cloud-based disruptive technologies.

About Squirro

Squirro is the leader in Context Intelligence, combining structured and unstructured data to provide the ‘Why’ behind data. Context helps you to see the bigger picture. You choose the data you want to combine in real-time to achieve unparalleled insights into your customers, business, and markets.