One dashboard for all Premier League news and statistics

September 2, 2014

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2014/15 Premier League dashboard in partnership with BIPB.

Our aim is to provide all Premier League fans with one easy to use dashboard where they will get all the information they are looking for.


You can now analyse the league as never before – by team, match, player or even referee. Pair this with the latest news feeds on your data selections to manage your fantasy football team to victory.

Gain insight into team performance vs the number of English players, track who’s got the highest goals/match, check which position on the pitch is scoring the most goals and much more.


As a user you can now thanks to BIPB’s expertise easily visualize all the most relevant statistics of this season’s Premiership and with the help of Squirro, to not only provide the data but show a smart filtered, relevant news and social media stream for the latest updates.

Squirro’s smart filtering brings live information to you and combines the ‘what’ match data with the ‘why’ news stories.

Visit The Premier League Dashboard to explore and analyse the performance of your favourite team!

PS: Want to know more about Squirro or BIPB.