Fussballjetzt.de combines statistics and messages about clubs, players and games in real time

August 18, 2015

New Football Portal combines in real time all the key facts and statistics of the 1. Bundesliga with all news and social media posts. Each fan is always up to date what is happening at their favorite clubs and players – even on the go with the mobile terminal.

Just in time for start of the new Bundesliga season launch edicos and Squirro with Fussballjetzt.de the currently most innovative football portal. With sophisticated technology, the user-friendly portal brings all the essential facts that all official messages and posts and discussions that are conducted on Facebook, Twitter etc., clearly together. Fans get to Fussballjetzt.de first time a combination of statistics and social media posts in real time. With easy usable filters that you can apply per club, per player per match, they get to a wealth of facts, opinions and rumors.

Consuming searches or permanent switching between different sources is no longer necessary. Fussballjetzt.de is responsive designed so that football fans can with their mobile devices while on the go from well informed.

The technique: edicos connects Squirro filter technology and Infostrada Sports- database Liferay Portal

Fussballjetzt.de uses the patented Smart Filter Technology of the Swiss Big Data specialists Squirro to sift through data sources such as news feeds and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter …). The basic data and statistics of the 1. Bundesliga are from the Infostrada Sports database. As an integration solution and frontend sets edicos a Liferay Portal, which couples the structured data from Infostrada with unstructured messages and posts from Squirro.

Click a fan on a game of his favorite team or player, they will automatically receive access to the facts and the contributions from the social web. Each click refine your search results, because Squirro based on a self-learning algorithm that is already successful in large Big Data applications in banking, insurance, industry and government in action.

“Fussballjetzt.de is a fine example of the benefits that result from the combination of structured and unstructured data. Liferay Portal is ideally suited as a platform to bring together these data worlds,” explains Stefan Thomé, CEO of edicos in Munich. “There is this interesting applications in the enterprise space in virtually all industries – both publicly accessible portals and websites, as well as in social intranet or knowledge management companies that are already using Liferay Portal or are interested we offer ideas and solutions. like before. ”

Dr. Dorian Selz, Co-Founder & CEO of Squirro adds: “Fussballjetzt.de illustrates the diversity of applications of Squirro Our Search-based data discovery solution generated from data specific basis for decisions and is commonly used in large international companies, institutions and organizations We.. look forward, therefore now contribute even at grassroots football to a better use of data and information. ”

Fussballjetzt.de will be further expanded

edicos and Squirro plan the portal by integrating sports coverage from major newspapers and sports magazines, as well as through the integration of image and video databases to make the user even more attractive. “We are also holding talks with interested media and advertising partners, long-term establish Fussballjetzt.de as a solid brand and want to use,” says Stefan Thomé.