Cutting Mean-Time-To-Resolution rates by over 30%

November 24, 2015

Dealing with service tickets effectively matters. Tickets mean system downtimes, unhappy customers, generally trouble.

Typically, a service desk today needs to deal with a number of disparate service, ticketing, knowledge base, configuration management, messaging systems.

Our customer, a leading European telecommunications provider changed this: Using Squirro to aggregate, enrich & display insights from structured & unstructured data within service systems (ITSM, CMDB, KB, others) agents today have a 360° view on the customer journey.

Unifying incidents, knowledge bases, case notes, emails, configuration management, log data, even social media feeds lowers dramatically the time to insights.

The telecommunication provider saw mean-time-to-resolution cut by over 30% and critical incidents resolved up to 20% faster. This translates into substantial cost savings.

We’ve put together a short customer success case here.