Customer Insights leading to more profitable relationship

February 3, 2016

Last week Ben Musgrave of Keyrus and I chaired a workshop on “Customer Insights leading to more profitable relationship” at the annual Customer Insight & Analytics Exchange conference in London.

With two dozen participants from companies ranging from a large multinational building supplier, to retailers, to telcos from around to Europe to the HMRC we discussed the goals, challenges and lessons learned from a number of applied Customer Insight projects.

Starting from the goal of creating a more complete view on a customer we identified some of the key themes and data sources to be tapped into.



From there we moved to establish what we call the Trinity Model of Customer Insight: Combining customers, catalysts & solutions into a single flow & view. The hard part is to detect the catalysts. What is a catalyst? A catalyst is an event, which has a significant impact on your customers. Based on the detected catalyst a company might then offer a solution to a customer.


As a follow up we packaged best practice, key questions and lessons learned into the this 2-pager (pdf, 85kB available for download).