IBM Points to Squirro for Best Practice Cognitive Computing with Unstructured Data

June 30, 2016

Cognitive Computing & Unstructured Data for Actionable Enterprise Insights

What can be achieved with cognitive computing is just starting to take shape for many enterprises across the world. In an effort to identify best practice case studies with this nascent technology, IBM has thrown the spotlight on Swiss startup Squirro, a company using cognitive computing to generate actionable enterprise insights of measurable value. Squirro already counts some of the world’s leading banks and telecoms companies in their user base.

Squirro is noted as being a specialist in helping companies extract new value from unstructured data – the dormant yet highly valuable form of data for most companies.

Watson Projects

At the heart of Squirro’s smart insights lies a state-of-the-art cognitive capability which ‘learns’ and ‘grows’ in line with user behaviours and fresh data input. This effectively underscores a similar growth of data value over time. Where specific projects have demanded additional cognitive capabilities, Squirro has further enhanced their technology with IBM Watson Cognitive Services to make light work of even the most forward-thinking big data initiatives.

The teaming of Squirro and IBM Watson provide a cognitive one-two punch but this powerhouse combination is equally impressive when it comes to ease of use and deployment. All Watson Services can be plugged into Squirro out of the box – bringing simplicity and speed to projects that woud otherwise stutter or stall at the first fence.

Real World Values 

As part of their internal & external sharing initiatives, IBM has recognised that Squirro’s insights technology brings substantial new value to organisations looking to advance their service delivery, customer service and customer engagement strategies. So what can companies expect when applying cognitive technologies like Squirro Insights?

  •  50% faster ticket resolution for service delivery
  • 15% gains in customer satisfaction
  • 5% revenue lift

Take a look at what IBM has to say about Squirro:


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