New York New York, big city of dreams

August 17, 2016


The big apple at 6am, just returning from my morning run in the Central Park. It’s already nearly 80 degrees Fahrenheit. And it was busy in Central Park, the center drive full of joggers and bickers.

I am here to join my team for a full week of customer, prospect and partner meetings. We’ve established our New York office last year and have with Peter a fantastic account executive and with Alex an amazing post-sales engineer on board.

Together with our team in Europe we work on a number of customers in the financial services world and beyond. And we broaden the reach daily. Just heading to a prospect together with our friends from Synpulse, our great consulting & integration partner here in the US.

The US is a great place to do business. The forward leaning approach, taking in new technologies to reap rewards early, helps a younger vendor such as us. The positive attitude to risk and risk taking (in considerate amounts) is a sharp difference from the risk resistive approach that I often see across Europe.

So over the next year or two we’ll expect to win quite a number of new customers & and add a few more colleagues to our team. And I expect to come many times more for an early morning moment to the Central Park.