Squirro for ServiceNow App

April 19, 2017

Just released: The Squirro for ServiceNow App bringing Insights for Proactive Incident Management.

This Squirro Service Insights app helps you to rapidly extract the most relevant and valuable insights across your ServiceNow environment. With the App and its advanced search functionality you’ll be faster at any incident resolution, cut downtime, and you’ll be turning a reactive into a proactive approach.

Key Features

  • Power Search: Search across your entire ServiceNow data environment, see all results historically or segment and filter results according to categories such as knowledge base, incidents or similar tickets
  • Anomaly Detection: Identify outliers for fast root cause analysis and quickly determine whether incident volume is abnormally high
  • Trend Prediction: Instant visual seasonality of incidents
  • Recommendation Engine: Ticket-level solution recommendation from past incidents and the knowledge base
  • Incident Overview: Create a terminology word cloud for real-time views on reported incidents

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