November 27, 2017

Dreamforce, the flagship conference of Salesforce, took place a couple of weeks back. With over 170’000 participants it essentially has become the Woodstock of the IT industry. It is a fascinating congregation of everyone and everything IT.

And Salesforce does a fantastic job to make it feel everything else than IT. Their current Trailblazer theme is translated into a big national park feeling starting at the entry gates of the conference already.

The big thing obviously is the keynote by Marc Benioff. A mix of entertainment, call to arms, outlook of what’s to come, it is indeed a highlight.  And you get to speak to quite a number of people afterwards.

Even though the big announcements were missing this year’s progress in terms of AI around Einstein were a good indicator of what’s to come. The key theme is: Make AI usable for everyone, not just for data scientists. Consequently they package Einstein into myEinstein, an ability to create AI driven models easily by picking a data set and applying type of Algorithm to it, to get a fully working AI-model. Neat, yet everyday value to be seen.

Okay there are announcements that are a bit Robbie Williams style ‘Let me entertain you’: While high in announcement the actual content is good but not great. Or in this case the ability to have a CSS styling for the new Lightning environment as shown in below screenshot of the magenta coloured T-Mobile site.

Overall: Great to be back again after our first foray a few years back!