Join Asia’s best accelerator program – SuperCharger

August 14, 2018

For once we do here unashamedly some publicity for our friends over at SuperCharger. No, it’s not a battery, neither an incredible new battery loading process, but simply Asia’s best FinTech accelerator program.

We were part of the program earlier this year in Hong Kong. Our experience? Simply great.

Many of these accelerator programs are organised by some misconception: A corporate that wants to become nimbler, a set of mostly younger people being the enablers, another such set the aspiring startups. The result I often observed, has more entertainment value than actual business value.

SuperCharger is different.

Janos and his team focus on working with just a few corporates with real agendas. Together the three parties (Corporate, SuperCharger and us) meticulously executed against a clearly spelled out target: Bring a very specific value proposition to life at the corporate.

And we delivered.

Today we are engaged with a number of tier 1 financial institutions in Asia. SuperCharger was the catalyst that made it possible.

Interested? Apply!