Squirro Discusses AI and Unstructured Data with Amazon Web Services

November 8, 2019

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a preferred infrastructure provider for many of the world’s best-known and most highly regarded companies. It’s secure, scalable and high performance, and is the perfect infrastructure for any organization, from startup to established multinational.

Squirro has been an Advanced Partner of AWS for a number of years now and is a proud member of the global AWS Startups community, which includes startups such as Airbnb and Slack. A secure and reliable platform that enables high performance is critical for Squirro’s Insights Engine and applications to analyze volumes of unstructured data and deliver its actionable insights.

AWS has been a key element in our continued success and there is a long history between the two companies. So, we were delighted when we recently got the opportunity to discuss artificial intelligence (AI) and unstructured data as part of the AWS Startups on Air program.

AWS Startups on Air

Startups on Air is a program launched by AWS a few years ago, that sees the presenter – global startup evangelist Mackenzie Kosut – visit startups to learn about their product, company, and AWS usage. Mackenzie has spoken with and profiled some of the best up and coming startups over the past two years. He recently interviewed Squirro CEO, Dorian Selz.

Dorian needs no excuse to speak about artificial intelligence (AI), augmented intelligence and related topics. As a client and Advanced Partner of AWS, it was an excellent platform to explore Squirro’s offering in more detail and how working with AWS enhances it.

Squirro’s proposition is based on delivering actionable insight extracted from unstructured data. Dorian co-founded the company because he had observed that companies were willing to invest significant sums to store, clean and manage their data… yet they were not deriving meaningful conclusions or value from their investments. The reason for this is that most of the really insightful data is unstructured, meaning that for most organizations it is impossible to manage and work with.

Squirro enriches unstructured data with artificial intelligence and machine learning to allow organizations to extract meaningful and actionable insight from it. We help companies in many ways, but two of the most prominent uses cases are as follows:

Corporate Financial Services – Squirro works with investment banks, insurance firms, wealth managers and more, helping them use insight from unstructured data to improve deal origination and have a tangible impact on the bottom line. By gathering data from such a wide array of sources, we can provide users with deep insight into a market and about specific clients that enables them to approach those clients with more relevant and valuable opportunities.

Manufacturing – our partnership with fellow Swiss firm Bühler has been truly innovative, coming together to deliver the world’s most comprehensive and accurate food safety portal. We monitor thousands of data sources around the world – mostly unstructured data such as product recall notices, media, social media communications, updates from food authorities – to provide accurate and real-time insight into food risks. The same principals can be deployed in almost any form of manufacturing.

At Squirro we partner with some of the world’s biggest technology providers, from Salesforce to AWS and many others. The Squirro partner ecosystem plays a vital role in helping us deliver such a highly regarded product, and it was an honor to speak to AWS Startups on Air about our partnership with AWS.

You can watch Dorian’s full interview with AWS Startups on Air here.

Or, to see further examples of how Squirro’s technology can help organizations extract actionable insight from unstructured data, please visit the customers section of Squirro’s website here.