AI-Driven Customer Insight Hosted by Amazon Web Services

December 13, 2019

Investec works with more than $100bn assets under its management, but it was facing several major challenges, particularly around its use of premium data.

This meant that key relationship managers within Investec had no insight whatsoever about key events related to funds they cover, leaving them highly exposed in elements of their client interaction. Furthermore, employees were spending too long researching information that should have been available almost immediately.

These challenges were becoming an issue, as Lisa Cohen, Manager – Client Group Solutions, Investec Asset Management, explains:

“We had a very rich and valuable data environment for our sales and client management teams, but to make the best use of it, they had to spend a lot of time searching numerous data sources, the CRM platform, and other databases to obtain a joined-up view. What’s more, with the exponential growth of data from numerous internal and external data sources, it’s an issue that is only set to increase.”

Squirro Customer Insights

Squirro’s insights technology united all of their news sources and delivered to their team highly relevant insights from all of their news providers – both public feeds, those paid for, and premium news sources – directly back into their Salesforce CRM platform where the team could easily access information ahead of any client engagement.

Real-Time Client Intelligence

By deploying Squirro, relationship managers at Investec could connect with the ‘client & competitor’ insights stream, ensuring access to the premium unstructured data that was so insightful. The automated catalyst generation from research notes and premium data took place in real-time, meaning no significant fund events were missed, and client handlers could contact clients in a timely and informed fashion.

Extracting actionable insight from unstructured data sources such as premium data is becoming ever more important, especially in industries as competitive and fast-moving as FS, with rivals always ready to approach clients.

But without the right infrastructure, executing these types of services just isn’t as feasible. That’s why Squirro has partnered for so long with AWS, providing the best platform from which we can deliver that key customer insight.

Read the case study in its entirety to understand the full story and learn about the ROI that this approach brought Investec.

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